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Seeking Mary Hudson

Let me Introduce this website

and explain my search for Mary Hudson.

This photo is my Great, Great Grandmother Mary Delano Hudson Whitman. We are so blessed to actually have this one photo of her. The original is actually quite small contained within a locket which also bears a photo of her husband, Alfred A. Whitman. I have chosen the locket photo for the header of this website. Mary Delano Hudson is, to every genealogist and researcher in this family, the greatest brick wall we have ever faced. I, personally have solved every brick wall in my genealogical lineage, but not Mary. We have family lore, documents, and today, we have DNA and sites like Ancestry to help us. Mary remains aloof.

I created this website for family researchers to share information, gather our documents together and share in the discovery of Mary’s and our history. We have gathered the few family photographs that exist. We have copies of letters written and also family members have been nice enough to write down what they know to save the information for the future generations.

One thing everyone agrees on, this was a loving, close family. These were wonderful people and the search for Mary’s family is one of love, pursued by her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Maybe Mary didn’t know her parents, she listed them as “unknown” on every document. With so much available today to us as researchers, we hope to discover Marys’ family. She was born without a birth certificate and lays in an unmarked grave. We hope to celebrate her life by correcting both.

~Susannah (Mary’s Great, Great Granddaughter)

Family Photos
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